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Counselling Directory

17th June 2015

Counselling Directory is a confidential service that encourages those in distress to seek help. The directory contains information on many different types of distress, as well as articles, news, and events. To ensure the professionalism of our website, all counsellors have provided us with qualifications and insurance cover or proof of membership with a professional body. Whilst relaying your problems to another individual has been a basic human remedial response for centuries, talking therapies only started to be considered as serious ‘therapeutic’ interventions at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then counselling and psychotherapy have come an extraordinarily long way, and though there is still much work to be done in stamping out mental health stigma, more and more individuals are beginning to feel comfortable and confident enough to come forward and seek help for their problems. Though this is extremely positive, we understand that taking those first steps, doing that research, choosing a qualified practitioner and initiating contact can be a daunting process – especially if you don’t know where to look, or indeed, what it is that you are looking for.


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