Personal Assistant

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Personal Assistant

A personal assistant or PA, undertake a similar role as a care worker but they work directly with one individual who needs support and/or care services and this is usually within their own home.

Personal assistants work for an individual employer.  They may provide support to this individual in every aspect of their daily life.

Some of the duties of a personal assistant may include:

  • helping to prepare and cook meals
  • assisting with eating, mobility, washing or dressing
  • doing hobbies with the individual
  • attending clubs or group activities
  • going on day trips or holidays
  • helping individuals to live as independently as possible

Training and Qualifications

There are no specific minimum entry qualifications for the role of a personal assistant and many individual employers many select personal assistants on the basis of their personality and flexibility.  For many individual employers, social care experience is not always essential however undertaking induction training and social care qualifications can be helpful to the role.

More Information

For more information on the role of a Personal Assistant visit the Skills for Care Think Care Careers website.