Occupational Therapist

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An Occupational Therapist may sometimes be called an OT practitioner or OT therapist.

Occupational Therapists work with people who need care and support in the following areas:

  • physical rehabilitation
  • mental health
  • learning disabilities
  • care management
  • equipment or adaptations for daily living
  • housing

They work with individuals to support them to overcome the effects of their disability and assess what treatment or equipment may be needed to increase their independence. This could include physical treatment to improve the mobility of the service user or advising on what equipment they may need or advising on the design of a service user’s house.


A degree of a two-year postgraduate diploma is needed to work as a practicing occupational therapist.  Occupational therapists must also be registered with the Health Professionals Council. An Occupational Therapy Assistant may not need these formal qualifications, but may be expected to work towards them whilst in their role.

More Information

Visit the Skills for Care Think Care Careers website for more information on the roles of an Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapy Assistant.

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